Prachin Aqua Promise is the ultimate promise given by Prachin Aqua for delivering the Service in 24 hrs from the time of booking the Service, else the same will be given free. Conditions apply.

Pre sediment Filter would need to be replaced at every 3 months or approximately 2500 Liters of purified water. Depending on the feed water quality, the Pre filter may need to be changed earlier than 3 months.

Sediment filter and Pre carbon filters are designed to be replaced at  approximately 12 months time.

Silver activated post carbon filter is designed to be replaced at 6000 liters of purified water.

In some of the ordinary RO+UV water purifier some amount of water is made to bypass the RO membrane. Due to this harmful substance like TDS, heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides also passes through. Whereas in PRACHIN AQUA RO water purifier 100% of the water is passed through the RO membrane which ensures maximum purity of water and required minerals are added back to pure water.

Yes Prachin Aqua’s all RO water purifier comes with a pre-filter which is part of the product.

3000 TDS is maximum input only we are in the market to provide this class of RO.

750 PPM Hardness is maximum

We give 1 year warranty on machine.

If physical damaged occur or screw sealed are breached than it will not covered in warranty. Only Prachin Aqua Service Engineer will Open the machine.

Prachin Aqua authorized service representative will install the product. 

Minimum 35 min & Maximum 1 hr time

Up to 18 litres per hours Purification capacity also depends on water quality

from 8 Liters to 15 Liters for domestic purifiers

We offer unlimited service for One year both for new and AMC customers.